Brian Wenning interview

Brian Wenning LOVE Park 

 ”...tell hime to youtube Brian Wenning...he'll see.....”  


Hi Brian. How are you doing? 

Doing great just got a big ass box from
my man Eli at gold wheels!!!!!!!!!!!
also riding my new Selfish pro model n the east is amped bottom line


If some random teen skater asks me who Brian Wenning is, what should I answer? 


just explain i put in my dues in this game 12 yrs...tell hime to youtube Brian Wenning...he'll see.....been up been down...
hung and still do hang with legends like fred gall n tim oconnor n
jereme rogers n kerry getz they all my friends my man...






What´s the story behind getting on Selfish? 


the story about gettin' on Selfish is Jereme had a few people in mind
an called me out the i said ya know what disrespect to
people who were flowing me but ..I wanted to be a part of a NEW scene a
contriversial situation..and all around good big ups to
Jereme n Dan at Selfish....i have been in this game so long that nobody
ever comes up to me with negetivity to my face ....
maybe sum hater hiding behind a computer screen but not in real life



 Do you have any other sponsors? 


yeah i ride for Gold Wheels and Nj Skateshop







Can you earn a living by skateboarding at the moment? 


yes I still have money saved from back in the day and yes us skaters
still get paid ..matters who you are my man..thats what it comes down
to yanno..




Can we expect a full-blown comeback from your side? 


yeah i need to get to barcelona n a few trips
like that if ya know what im sayin homie...i hav been flyin through nyc
n philly as of late but the police and everything knobbed isnt easy man
..its a nightmare....but we trying to do it classic east coast for now




Are you learning og relearning tricks at the moment? 


am i relearning tricks? yeah i took some time off everyone knows that
but certain tricks aint going anywhere my man ...skateboarding is still
fun man it's just when you been in in out n through tha ringer
isnt exactly u and the lil homie at the curb spot back in the day so
..its just diffrent..

 Do you feel any kind of panic when you experience the young skate talents of today? 

nah man
style is all i really care about ...I couldn'tbe botherd with billy bob
baffoon doing sum wildness..unless he looks sick on a board ..thats all
that matters to me ...

Who do you skate with?

i skate with fred gall, my friends from back in the day and my main
man Don La
if nobodys around its just me n the filmer...


Do you skate bowls and ramps too? 

yeah i can skate a lil tranny
my best friend Rich just built a 4 ft by 20 foot wide in his yard so we
been gettin the 5-0 fakies yanno


What about trying the mega ramp? 

mega ramp nah
love park again yes



With whom and where would your dream session be? 

dream session would be back in barcelona before it blew up with all
my friends from my home area ..friends..skating and great



What has been your biggest contribution to the world of skateboarding? 

my biggest contribution to skateboarding has been keeping it 100
percent real to myself and never conformed to anyones ideas..never
moved to california never did what i thought i shouldn't...i made a few
mistakes but we all do so I am happy regardless.





What do you think about the skateboard industry of today? 

the industry today ...i cant hate on it even though these few
groups are like dumb ass cliques like a college fraternity man
....inside on homie ya 37 yrs old fool...get married ..sick
of them dudes ...i aint naming names but's just skating we don't
need meetings and to not associate with the others in the industry ever
.....fuck that i chill with everyone ...not just a crew ...we are all
skaters who gives a shit ..we all die one day fellas.

What did you do to get noticed and sponsored back in the day? 

New York City in person...Joe Castrucci the alien workshop team manager
and filmer at the time hooked me up on  the spot done deal no sponsor
tape nothing at all just word of mouth ..thx to don la n fred gall was over with after that ..
miss ya joe no homo hahaha
for real thx for the shot brother


Who are your top-five favorite skaters?  

Fred Gall
Guy Mariano
Tim oconnor
Biebel/ and pj ladd
danny way


Are you a teenager for life? 

I am far from being a teenager idiot for
life man...I been through more shit than alotta people
i wasnt a teenager at 16 when i was sent to japan alone withe A.V.E. I
know more about the scumbags in this industry ...owing you money
I met a few favorite skaters in person n came walking out the place
saying "what a bunch of assholes" I'm a down to earth young man
I been round the world 8 times man..and theres some snakes in the grass
...bottom line is they are fakes ,liars and jokes ......hahahah no
negetivity's just funny
I grew up fast in this world


Any final words? 

just skate to skate nd if u make it to be a dude with board ,shoe blah
blah blah get a lawyer
and if thats not ya intention ....skate and take the ups with the up
and the down with the down
lifes a roller coaster guys/girls
keep it moving and don't stop watever u do



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